For Geldwolven, the team at Caviar gave us carte blanche to pitch some ideas for their show's opening title sequence. A small part of the story contained some Red Palm Weevils, and we wanted to use them in our sequence as a metaphor for the different characters in the show. But since these bugs are so incredibly harmful to plants, we couldn't lay our hands on them, and we ended up doing a live shoot in studio from some of the sets, adding CG versions of the bugs later.

Caviar • Streamz • Amazon
Concept & Design
Hans Lettany & Frauke De Vry
Wim Symens
Gerko Jonker
1st CA
Jesper Rey
Steven Frederickx
Key Grip
Louis Bataillie
3D animation
Thomas De Brabanter
Xavier Dockx
Jeroen Swinnen
Series Director
Gijs Polspoel
Series exec producer
Bert Hamelinck • Helena Vlogaert • Robin Kerremans • Ilse Joye