De Bunker

Together with VTM and Eyeworks Film & TV drama we created an opening title sequence for their fictional series about the Belgian Intelligence Service and Counterterrorism. 'To see and not to bee seen' served as the main idea to start with.

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Jan Verheyen (en anderen)
Peter Bouckaert • Gunter Schmid
Pieter Charles
Wim Symens
Colour grading
Tom Mulder
PostProduction Facil
Ace Image Factory

To see and not to be seen

An ambitious series about the Belgian Intelligence Service and Counterterrorism unit is a gift for any graphic designer. Showrunners and production gave us a very good direction on this one: To see and not to be seen. This team had to be invisible, and that was the key to this title sequence.

We had the option to shoot a few additional shots on request, but there was no spare budget nor the time schedule for more ellaborate shooting. But, we wanted to go beyond matching a character's medium shot to its actors name. Quickly the idea emerged to use a lot of the characters, but never show their face. And to make them appear and disappear in any environment as they please.

We used the almost finished offline versions of the first episodes. One of the first edits already had the right structure that made it to the final cut: Come in with a bang, keep the tension and action going and end on a mysterious meeting with the only person that didn't had his eyes crossed, before making the transition to the main title.We started using music filled with anxiety, pushing the viewer to tip of their chair by the end of the 30 seconds.

Production provided us with some extra references from BBC's The Honourable Woman and others. Together we decided to try to get as much info in one frame as possible, to never show only one source. The first versions with graphics had a lot more layers on top with maps, grids, data sheets and other fancy stuff. In the end we sticked to a more cleaner look, allowing the images to be the more important layer.

We chose to have a clear graphical guide throughout the title sequence: a circle. A simple but visually very strong shape that draws the viewers look to the center. We used it as much as we could: camera lenses, eye iris, strong cicular vignettes in grading and more. At the end, we also added the circle shape to the actor's names.

A circle shape served as a graphical guide throughout the title sequence.

Main Title Design
The basic idea for the final graphic and main title design already formed at the editing table. The first seasons' editor Bert Jacobs gave us a sketch of what we finetuned afterwards. As the bunker was located under the city of Antwerp, we turned the skyline uypside down and the concrete bunker on top
The main title was created with the Prozac font by Zetafonts. Very pricy typeface, but exactly what we needed. I especially like how U and the N are each others opposite, next to each other. The pairing font is blablabla wich was used by the graphic designer on set Gert Pannecoucke in his screendesign.

We really enjoyed working on this project, with an exciting subject and a nice collaboration with everyone involved.