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Titles is a design-driven production company, specializing in opening title sequences, main title and poster design for feature film and television.


After graduating film school as director in 2007, Hans started working on the post production department at Belgian film production company Caviar. From that point he rapidly grew from post production all-rounder to experienced motion designer / VFX artist. From 2011, as a freelancer, he worked on several feature films and TV series for most of the major Belgian production companies, more and more specializing in opening credits and main title design. In 2017, together with Wim, he founded TITLES.

Hans drinks his coffee black.



Before founding TITLES, Wim worked as an experienced film editor at several Belgian post production companies. In 2013 he started working at ACE Image Factory, where he became a more experienced motion designer and he developed some of the most memorable main title sequences in both recent Belgian film and television history.

Wim is an unsung guitar hero.



Frauke joined TITLES, spring 2021. First as an intern, but a few months later as full part of the team. She studied "Digital Studio" at Luca Ghent and started working here on projects as Professor T, Chantal, Geldwolven and Arcadia.

At night, Frauke secretly shifts to a harp playing elf.


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